Bad Rabbit threat

Here is a very quick and easy way to immunize yourself from this infection:

download this file but do not open it

once downloaded, RIGHT click on it and "run as administrator"

It will pop up a window, it will show success then you can click any key to finish/close

screenshot below

Another way to protect your computer from almost ALL ransomware  threats is to install this program - just follow the prompts until you are done - very quick and simple

BBad Rabbit. The main way Bad Rabbit spreads is drive-by downloads on hacked websites. No exploits are used, rather visitors to compromised websites — some of which have been compromised since June — are told that they need to install a Flash update. Of course, this is no Flash update, but a dropper for the malicious install. The 2 actions above will prevent specifically against Bad Rabbit and all other ransomware. More information here  More information here


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What is Bad Rabbit?

Bad Rabbit is a previously unknown ransomware family.

How is Bad Rabbit distributed?

The ransomware dropper was distributed with the help of drive-by attacks. While the target is visiting a legitimate website, a malware dropper is being downloaded from the threat actor’s infrastructure. No exploits were used, so the victim would have to manually execute the malware dropper, which pretends to be an Adobe Flash installer. However, our analysis confirmed that Bad Rabbit uses the EternalRomance exploit as an infection vector to spread within corporate networks. The same exploit was used in the ExPetr.

We’ve detected a number of compromised websites, all of which were news or media websites.

Whom does it target?

Most of the targets are located in Russia. Similar but fewer attacks have also been seen in other countries – Ukraine, Turkey and Germany. Overall, there are almost 200 targets, according to the KSN statistics.

Since when does Kaspersky Lab detect the threat?

We have been proactively detecting the original vector attack since it began on the morning of October 24. The attack lasted until midday, although ongoing attacks were detected at 19.55 Moscow time. The server from which the Bad rabbit dropper was distributed went down in the evening (Moscow time).

How is it different to ExPetr? Or it is the same malware?

Our observations suggest that this been a targeted attack against corporate networks, using methods similar to those used during the ExPetr attack. What’s more, the code analysis showed a notable similarity between the code of ExPetr and Bad Rabbit binaries.

For more details, you can google.

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