Bad Rabbit threat

Here is a very quick and easy way to immunize yourself from this infection:

download this file but do not open it

once downloaded, RIGHT click on it and "run as administrator"

It will pop up a window, it will show success then you can click any key to finish/close

screenshot below

Another way to protect your computer from almost ALL ransomware  threats is to install this program - just follow the prompts until you are done - very quick and simple

BBad Rabbit. The main way Bad Rabbit spreads is drive-by downloads on hacked websites. No exploits are used, rather visitors to compromised websites — some of which have been compromised since June — are told that they need to install a Flash update. Of course, this is no Flash update, but a dropper for the malicious install. The 2 actions above will prevent specifically against Bad Rabbit and all other ransomware. More information here  More information here


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It is a knowledge point for people who visited daily thousands number of sites. The information is aware about the malicious activity and attack from the ransomware and all other threats on computer system.

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