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How to Crack RAR Password Windows OS

Easily, you can crack RAR password in any Windows OS, try the most powerful tool known as eSoftTools RAR Password Recovery software. The GUI of this tool is very simple for all RAR users with recovery unlimited RAR file password and no limitation of file size. Always the user can check recovery status at any time from the screen. Also, supports all RAR file versions and windows up to 10 with providing a free TRIAL version is available on its official website.

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RAR is the format used by WinRAR archiver. The RAR format functions similarly to the ZIP format since they are both data containers. Both of them are also used to compress lots of files. However, as compared to the ZIP format, RAR has more advanced features like the following: more convenient multivolume archives, tight compression, multimedia text modes, AES-128 protection, helping to repair an archive even in case of physical data damage and Unicode support to process non-English file names.

Top 3 RAR Password Crackers/Recovery Software for Window PC

RAR Password Unlocker

As its name suggests, RAR Password Unlocker, also named as WinRAR password cracker, helps recover lost passwords of RAR files. The program has three ways to retrieve the passwords namely brute-force, brute-force with user-defined mask and dictionary. Moreover, it supports all RAR files created by any program.

Upon opening the program, you have a basic interface with two main choices: RAR Password Recovery and Search Encrypted Files. RAR Password Recovery allows you to open a RAR file that you want to recover the password while Search Encrypted Files scans your entire system to find encrypted files.

KRyLack RAR Password Recovery

KRyLack RAR Password Recovery is a free RAR password cracker tool. It makes use of the brute-force technique in finding the password.

The main screen of the program lets you set all the parameters you want. You can choose a RAR file by clicking on the browse button. It also lets you pick the character sets you think the password contains which makes the recovery process faster. Character sets you can choose are Latin, spaces, digits and symbols. A user-defined character set is also available. Furthermore, you can select the method of recovery by choosing from brute-force, mask and dictionary.

RAR Password Recovery Professional

RAR Password Recovery Professional is password unlocker software. The tool possesses three attack methods: brute-force, brute-force with mask and dictionary. It is optimized for multi-core CPUs and NVIDIA-GPU to recover passwords swiftly.

The interface consists of four tabs namely recovery, brute-force, dictionary and options. To start using the program, click on ‘Open’ to import the password-protected RAR archive. Next, choose from either brute-force or dictionary attack and set up the parameters. Finally, click on ‘Start’ to begin retrieval process.

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