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IMAP attachment extractor software

IMAP attachment extractor software

Setup :

Configure Python virtual environment :

$ python -m venv .env

$ . .env/bin/activate  # on Linux 


$ .env/Script/activate.bat  # on Windows

Install :

$ python develop

$ imap_aex --help


$ python --help

Use configuration file (optional but recommended) :

$ cp config.ini-dist config.ini  # on Windows use 'copy' instead of 'cp'


You can use imap_aex either only with the CLI, or with the configuration file, or a combination of the two. When using both, the command line will override the options found in the configuration file.

The only mandatory arguments are HOST and USER (or [imap] section host and user in the configuration file).

First run with configuration file :

By default the configuration template is in dry-run mode. You can force the execution in CLI with the --run option, or comment the dry-run=yes configuration line.

Password handling

You can use keyring to store a password with the system secured library. Supported on Linux / Windows / MacOS :

$ keyring set imap_aex:<HOST> <USER>

Or you can prompt the user for password on run with the --password option.

Mozilla Thunderbird 'detach' mode

It is recommended to use the --thunderbird option if you use Mozilla Thunderbird. The extractor will then use the extended message headers X-Mozilla-External-Attachment-URL and X-Mozilla-Altered to link to the local extracted file inside the modified message. This simulates the use of Detach action on an attachment in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Running options

Please refer to the CLI documentation. The configuration entries have the same name as the CLI options, but are placed in specific section.

CLI only options (those options are not in the configuration file):

--conf=<c> : Use a specific configuration file, otherwise use config.ini. Can be used to configure multiple hosts, each with its own configuration file.

--help : Display the CLI help, then exit.

--list : List the server folders and corresponding extraction paths, then exit.

--run : Force running, even if dry-run found in configuration file.

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