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Merge PST tool

Merge PST tool is the best solution for merging various PST files into a single pst file. It supports to merge multiple pst files of all the versions MS Outlook into one PST file without any loss of data and maintains the hierarchy of your PST files after joining.

In order to combine Outlook file, try of Merge PST Tool for Windows, effortlessly open application for any users. This is entirely proficient to combine numerous Outlook PST files. Supports all previous and advanced versions of Outlook. Besides, all PST based email applications can use the software to merge PST.

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If you have to merge multiple PST files and you need to merge them in one PST file, try the Merge PST for Mac Tool to quickly perform this task with a simple mouse click. It supports both ANSI and UNICODE versions PST files and merges multiple PST files in one PST file without any data loss. The application allows users to merge PST files in multiple ways. Users are trial versions to merge data by selecting any of the given options. This software supports all Mac OS versions.


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The manual method is not straightforward; it is a two-step process.

Step 1: Create a New Outlook PST FileOpen Outlook,Click on Home tab, click New Items, click More Items > Outlook Data File.

Click on Home tab

Browse for the path to save the file, give it a name, and click Ok.

New Outlook PST file is now created.

Step 2: Import Outlook Data to New PST file

In this step, the data from existing PST data files will be transferred to the new file created in Step 1.

Open Outlook, and click on File tab.Click on Open & Export > Import/Export.

Click on Open & Export

Select Import from another program or file; click Next.

Select Import

Select Outlook Data file (.pst) and click Next.

Select Outlook Data file

Browse the PST data file to import and click Next.

Browse the PST data

Note: Select between the options given in this step as per the need (shown in the screenshot above).

Select the folder(s) you wish to import to the new PST data file.

Note: Don’t forget to checkmark on sub-folder(s) in case of partial selection of folder(s).

Click Finish.

Importing from old Outlook PST data file is successful, but Step 2 has to be repeated to complete the migration from multiple PST data files. Above, the data is imported from a single file only, though the iterative count of Step 2 would depend on the number of PST data files you have from which you wish to import data into a single Outlook PST file.

To merge Outlook PST files. try Merge Outlook PST Tool. This application is very advanced software to merge PST files. This software takes almost no time to finish merging multiple files. Users do not have to worry about the file size as this tool merges files regardless of their size. It does not make any changes in the data saved in the PST file. Merge Outlook PST Tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and MS Outlook.

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