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How to set up an Adult Hookup relationship

There is a really good there is a really good way to create an open relationship fuck-buddy relation see I told you already girls most of the girls they are in the mindset it's due to the genetics to the nature that they want our relationship I already explained you why is that it's biological cause so they are mostly driven to find a boyfriend to be in a relationship it's gonna happen in a girl's life that she will want an open relationship with a Sex Buddies value wedge where it's only sex it will happen and most majority of the girls will be like looking for leash it doesn't mean they are not into the sex only it means by default that's their road you can change the default you can play with it what I usually sometimes actually it's my most fun most interesting way to create to set up the Sex Buddies body frame relationship is when the conversation comes to that point you know you meet her you first sex you saw having sex after like let's say week or two she'll be like so what do you want was this you know how do we see each other you know messy though so when your relationship comes to the point where you have to discuss this topic who you are and what you're gonna be better if she's fishing she's looking for long-term one-on-one relation you kill it the whole frame say you know what I understand and I've seen you want a boyfriend and honestly I will be really happy to be the boyfriend but unfortunately I am the worst boyfriend ever I simply I I don't know why I cannot do it I am the worst boyfriend and history of the boyfriends I will cheat on you I will lie - I'll forget your birthdays I'm not gonna show up on the family events I am the worst boyfriend ever I simply cannot do it I'll try to find your friends I'll try to have a threesome with your friends you know I'll look and you know I simply can't do it but what's good is we can go out together we can have fun we can find you a really nice guy because I know how they look we can find you a nice guy until then until then we can have fun you know why this works basically you go honest you're like look I am the worst boyfriend ever I am on the pills I'll forget your birthday I will know I'll try to Sex Buddies your friends I'll try to set up threesome your friend you tell the worst about yourself like you know I melt bad you know I don't take a shower for the days you know for a couple of days I am the worst boyfriend ever so think about the dirtiest but you wanna you wanna put like everything opposite from what usually guys and I'm the best you got I am the worst I am the worst guy ever I'll forget your birthday I'll cheat on you I will lie - I simply cannot do it I don't know why not why this works girls they love projects they love to fix it someone you know the all a guy when they can play who they can fix they love this you know so they're gonna see you as a project they'll still sleep with you this is contra you know intuitive but girls love this you think they're gonna run away no they're gonna stay they'll try to fix you they'll try to help you but you know that guy it's okay you a nice guy they'll try to help you though still sleep with you you can be more interesting than some nice guy who is fixed who is all good you know projects are way more interesting that's why they're like bad boys core reason is they want to change the bed but they want to take me they wanna to in turn a nice guy and then once they finish the project they fix they're not next one so yeah try that as well add these to a toolbox go brutally honest and go worst about yourself look I'll be happy to be a boyfriend but unfortunately I really I mean I really wish I want to be a boy but unfortunately no look I am the worst boyfriend material ever and now list all the negative things about yourself even upgrade like you're not single I'm on the pill I take pills you know I I'll forget your birthday I'll try to Sex Buddies your friends I'll I would like to you I won't call you for the days you know I'll forget about you like you know I I am the worst boyfriend material but we can have some fun and we're gonna find you a nice guy

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