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ost to pst converter free download

The SysInspire OST to PST converter is known to be the best rated free as well as offline converter due to the way the user is serviced with the components of the application. 

This software ensures that the user can split their pst files into a smaller size to prevent corruption.

The SysInspire software is obtained to verify the previews of the chosen OST files and thus save 25 items per folder.


The user can operate the tool by following a few steps.


●  First, download the SysInspire OST to PST converter software, then the software is opened.


●             By selecting the Add OST button,  choose the OST file. Then open the chosen OST file.


● Then the user checks the preview of OST mailbox data after going for thorough scanning of the file.


● Then ultimately convert the OST files to its designated PST file.

More info:- ost to pst converter free


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