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Unlock and open 7z file password

The simplest way to unlock 7z password through the help of eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software. This tool is able to unlock and open 7z file password with the help of Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack. Also, it can support all versions of the 7z file and Windows Operating system. Try a free demo version of this software to get the first three words of the password.

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Easy steps to set Password on 7zip to protect 7z file:-

Before reducing the data the user through 7z compressor user has to download this “7z compressor” Open Source utility.


First Step– Select the file you need to compress.


Second Step- Right-click the selection and choose 7-Zip


     >Add to archive from the menu.


Third Step- Enter your password (We extremely suggest to set a password with more than 8 characters which consist of alphabets and numbers),


Fourth Step- And choose the Encryption method you prefer.


Final Step- Just click on the “Done” to set a password immediately.


Methods to recover lost 7z file password

#Method 1 Brute Force Attack:-Brute Force Attack is an amazing technique to retrieve the lost 7z file password. It will try all possible password combinations of length and range depending on what you decide. Through a brute force attack, you can get back the forgotten password, whether your file password is numeric or alphabetical.


#Method 2 Mask Attack: A mask attack is can be the best option for those users who remember a part of the original password. With this method, the user just has to put the remembered password and the software will instantly show you the whole password.


#Method 3 Dictionary Attack: Dictionary attack will provide the feature to recover the password of any alphabets combinations (for example- apple, back, etc). This software provides his own dictionary by which it extracts the password of your protected 7z file by any word that is stored in that dictionary.

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