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Get back lost and forgotten 7z password

Get back lost and forgotten 7z password by eSoftTools 7zip Password Recovery Software, because this tool is the most secure way to recover lost 7zip password. With this software, users can remove the strongest password combination like alphabetic, numeric, & symbolic character with the help of a Brute attack, Mask attack, & Dictionary attack. It gives FREE DEMO VERSION to the user preview with all supported 7zip versions and Windows versions up to 10.

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All the tools mentioned are using brutal force to try possible combinations, and they demonstrated exactly why password protected encryption is not secure at all. Although 7zip can uses 256 bit AES encryption which itself can’t be cracked by brutal force in anyone’s lifetime, but the password that it uses to protected the encryption key is the weak link, simply because it need to remembered by human being.

Unfortunately almost all the encryption software on the market is using password while lack of self-destruction mechanism like Iphone or Android has to protect against brutal force attach. That gives you a false sense of security and it could be worse than no security in which case you might be more careful with the file.

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