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Outlook PST Splitter to Divide oversized PST file

I would to recommend you this Outlook PST Splitter software to divides the large PST file with respect to Date, Size, Year, or Folder option chosen by user.

  • It has ability to split PST file into smaller pst files by retaining the originality.
  • With the utility, users get four different ways to split the large PST file i.e. according to date, size, folder and year.
  • It can split both ANSI PST and UNICODE PST file without any hassle.
  • It provide many feature to split large pst files to add more efficiency in this tool.
  • It GUI is very simple and allow all the users can easily use this software without have any technical skill.
  • Outlook PST Splitter Tool provide free demo version to ensure the users about it features and functions.

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If you are looking for the best way to split over-sized PST file, then I suggest you the PST Split Tool, which can be used to split the large PST files to a small one. This tool is very accurate and trustworthy. This tool has an option of Splitting PST by Date, Size, Mail id, Folder etc. This tool also maintains files originality while splitting the PST file. To know more about the tool, visit:

I will suggest you to use Stellar Splitter for Outlook Tool, it is one of the best tool among the users that segments the oversized Outlook PST files into multiple small parts. It Splits large PST file based on date, size, email address, etc. The demo version of the tool will offer two PST splitting options, i.e. 'By Size' and 'Select and Split'.

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