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How to delete duplicate emails in Outlook

Lamentably, even the most recent adaptation of Outlook 2013 doesn't give any device that would allow us to eliminate copy email messages in Outlook envelopes. Microsoft proposes a way, or rather a workaround, to erase copies physically. You can attempt it on the off chance that you have time, and this may even work on the off chance that you have a couple dozen messages. This may be testing on the off chance that you have a few hundred messages, and close to outlandish in the event that you have thousands… and totally incomprehensible if those thousands are put away in various organizers.



Anyway, how might you dispense with all copied messages from Outlook? There exist various devices to wipe out tricks. Some of them are snappy, straightforward and free. Others are more adaptable and modern in any case, as you may figure, paid. We will cover advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds and you will conclude which is ideal for you.


Issues made by copy email messages


As you presumably know, Outlook is perhaps the most intricate and asset hungry utilizations of the Microsoft Office suite. It requires a considerable amount of assets for smooth execution, and the more email things you have, the more memory, plate space and CPU use it burns-through. At last, it might arrive at the moment that the current assets don't get the job done and your Outlook will begin to back off in execution. For instance, you need to locate a specific message utilizing Outlook's Instant Search, yet all that you see is "Looking… ". Also, you need to stand by calmly while Outlook repeats through all email messages in a given envelope including copied ones.


On a normal PC, Outlook begins to back off when the letter box arrives at 2-3 GB, and on the off chance that you don't decrease the size of your post box and Outlook information record (.pst), your Outlook may begin hanging, freezing and not reacting.


There are a few strategies to eliminate duplicate  from the Outlook PST document. Some best whenever are recorded underneath. Thus, you can choose any strategy according to you're your prerequisite.


  • Delete Duplicates from Outlook utilizing Import/Export Wizard
  • Check Account Settings  
  •  Delete Duplicates from Outlook Clean Up Tool  
  •  Smart Way to Remove Duplicates from PST File

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