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Can I Import ost into office 365 using ost to pst converter tool

SysInspire ost to pst converter is one of the most reliable appliances available in the demand which flawlessly helps you to import your ost data in any layouts. This ost to pst converter software can import the desired databases from multiple ost folders to office 365 format using this ist to pst converter.

This SysInspire converter supports ost to pst conversion. There is no doubt but this tool also favours importing the ost file into office 365.

This is one of the latest and upgraded versions of this application. The software has a very simple and illustrative operators-friendly GUI.


Step 1: Install SysInspire third party Converter from the official site.

Step 2: Click on the "Browse" button and select the ost file which you wanted to create in the Office 365 layout.

Step 3: Select the scanning mode to handle the error if any or for your assurance.

Step 4: Click on the Next button to get a sneak peek at the contents within the ost file whether it is the same ost file that is to be created for Office 365.

Step 5: Select Save as Office 365 option from the various layouts and Click on Next button.

Step 6: Click on Browse button, and choose a location to save the imported ost file into office 365.

More info:- Import ost into office 365 


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