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Beijing police have arrested a popular celebrity, Wu Yifan, on suspicion of sexually harassing a woman



Former EXO member Wu Yifan has been arrested by police. To investigate the case that he was accused by many women online. seduce a womanSexual harassment,
news agency BBC reported that Beijing police of China. Conducting the arrest of Mr. Kris Wu or "Wu Yifan", a 30-year-old half-Chinese-Canadian star, as a suspect of rape. After the young star was accused of being online. Many times he seduced a young woman into having sex with him.
The first woman to accuse Wu in early July was 19-year-old net idol Du Mei Zhu, who claimed to have met Wu for the first time when she was 17. Invited to a party at the young star's house. and was pressured to drink so hard that he was drunk She regained consciousness the following day in Wu's bed. Ms Du
also claimed that seven other women had told her that she had been seduced by promises to find work or provide opportunities in the industry. Entertainment for sex After Ms Wu came out, no less than 24 women accused the young actor of inappropriate behavior.
Mr Wu denies all allegations. Whether it's about consuming Ms. Du's alcohol, tricking women into having sex in exchange for benefits, raping women when they're unconscious. and having sex with minors While his lawyers are pursuing litigation. Ms.. Box defamation
The Chris Wood or Kris Wu became famous as a member ofboy bandKorean EXO before he withdrew from the group. Become a solo artist And has been very successful as a singer, actor, model and talent show judge.
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