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This is Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl EV training guide

 Pokémon is one of the most accessible game franchises on the market. The simple concept of finding, catching, and battling monsters is easy enough for almost anyone to grasp. Sure, it is an RPG at heart with things like types, weaknesses, and advantages, but those are very easy to understand. Most players, even if they’ve never played another RPG before, will probably understand that fire attacks will hurt grass Pokémon more and water will hurt fire more. At the same time, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl also caters to the more hardcore crowd who enjoy really diving into the mechanics of the game’s battles.

In this Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl EV training guide, we’ll explain what Effort Values are and how to gain them. This guide explores how to check these values and different techniques and items you can use to boost the strength of your Pokémon.

Effort Values in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl can be leveled with each Pokemon in order to push stats past their usual max level. Players can check the EV of any Pokemon in the Pokemon menu; after selecting the Pokemon that players want to check the stats of, click "Check Summary," then click on the hexagon. This page will display a Pokemon's numerical stats, including their EVs. Effort Values top out at 510 total points, but players have the option to add or move EV points from one stat to another with battles, items, and food.

Different ways to train Pokémon EVs
EVs, just like traditional XP, follow the same XP share system. Again, this is good for casual players but potentially bad for the hardcore since EVs will be earned by your entire party for every battle. If you’re training multiple Pokémon for the same EV, this is great, but if not you will want to only bring the Pokémon you want to get the specific EVs you’re grinding for along.

Pokémon can boost their stats in two ways: leveling up and EV training. As a Pokémon levels up, their main stats increase, which you’ll see on the post-battle screen. Each time a Pokémon levels up, they randomly gain points in HP, attack, defense, special attack, special defense, and speed.

Training Effort Values in Battle
There is a small selection of wild Pokemon that grant Effort Values, each in a specific category. When players battle these specific Pokemon, it will raise the EV points by one in that stat.

    Pokemon that give HP EVs - Bidoof (Route 201), Gastrodon (Route 218)
    Pokemon that give Attack EVs - Bibarel (Route 212), Kricketune (Route 212), Machoke (Route 223)
    Pokemon that give Defense EVs - Geodude (Ruin Maniac Cave), Hippopotas (Ruin Maniac Cave), Silcoon (Eterna Forest), Cascoon (Eterna Forest), Graveler (Iron Island)
    Pokemon that give Special Attack EVs - Ghastly (Old Chateau), Roselia (N Route 212), Golduck (Sendoff Spring)
    Pokemon that give Special Defense EVs - Tentacruel (Route 223), Girafarig (Valor Lakefront)
    Pokemon that give Speed EVs - Floatzel (Route 218), Starley (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl's Route 201)

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