restart DNS server service on DC

Event Id 4006
Source Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Server-Service
Description The DNS server could not load the records for the DNS name %1 found in the Active Directory integrated zone %2. A possible cause is that this DNS name contains character(s) not permitted by the name-checking setting on this DNS server.
Event Information According to Microsoft :
Cause :
This event is logged when the DNS server could not load record for the DNS name found in Active Directory integrated zones.
To delete these records from the Active Directory, first allow the DNS server to load them by changing the name-checking setting on this DNS server to allow all names. Then restart the DNS server service to cause the records to be loaded. The records will now appear in the DNS Manager and may be deleted. When the records have been deleted, restore the DNS server name-checking setting to the preferred value.
Resolution :
Change name-checking settings
To perform this procedure, you must have membership inAdministrators, or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority.
To correct a DNS name that contains unsupported characters:
1.On the DNS server, start Server Manager. To start Server Manager, clickStart, clickAdministrative Tools, and then clickServer Manager.
2.In the console tree, expandRoles, expandDNS Server, and then expandDNS.M
3.Right-click the DNS server, clickProperties, and then click the Advanced tab.
4.In theName checking list, note the current setting, and then clickAll Names.
5.In the console tree, right-click the DNS server, click All Tasks, and then clickRestart.
6.When the server has restarted and the items that had been blocked appear in Server Manager, right-click the items, and then clickDelete.
7.Right-click the DNS server, clickProperties, and then click theAdvanced tab.
8.In the Name checking list, click the setting that had been changed in step 4.
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